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New luresol surface floating soft plastic is a phthalate free plastisol base material, the liquid is opaque white in colour, much the same colour as our regular luresol liquid soft plastics, the new floating liquid plastic will separate overnight therefore must be mixed well before use to ensure consistent results every time.
During the heating process there will be no colour change although you can add lure-solutions colour pigments and pearlescent powders to customise you're lures before or during the heating process.
NOTE  When using lure-solutions Fluorescent colour pigments please add before heating for best results 

Once melted you can either hand pour or injection mould with the floating soft plastic in much the same way as our lure-solutions luresol giving you practically the same texture and flexabilaty as our regular luresol soft plastics, the floating soft plastic can also be re-cycled.
This plastisol is not suitable for open pan/hob heating and must be heated using a designated microwave oven to ensure an even heat distribution.
 Floating luresol soft plastic has the same melting temperature as our regular soft plastics ...based on a 900watt microwave oven you should set the heat level to around 60% -70% stirring at regular intervals ..Note ...not all microwave ovens are of the same power so please adjust accordingly.
By following the heating rules you will be able to re-use the floating plastic as you would with our regular luresol.
Directions of use-
Pour you're desired quantity of surface luresol liquid soft plastic into an adequate heat resistant glass Pyrex jug
Place jug in designated microwave at 60%-70% heat for 3-4 minutes depending on quantity 
Stirring for 5 seconds to evenly distribute the hot soft plastic at 30secs intervals 
The white surface floating soft plastic will start to thicken, keep heating and stirring as directed until the soft plastic has reached it's smooth pourable state...ready to use.
As this is quite a dense soft plastic and you are planning to hand pour your floating soft bait lures we recommend you use larger open pour RTV moulds, heat the floating soft plastic as you would our regular soft plastic stirring at 30 seconds intervals, just before pouring your hot plastic give the RTV mould a blast in the microwave oven for one minute on full power ...by heating your RTV mould this will give you better results when pouring by restricting the 'shock curing' in the cold mould. You can add our standard luresol soft plastic to give you a less buoyant, slow sinking lure...you could even make a 50/50 lure ...the only restriction is your imagination.
There will be a small percentage of shrinkage when open pouring/injecting the floating soft plastic...this is normal, you can be confident the floating luresol soft plastic will reach all the cavities when injecting to give you the perfect detailed injection floating bait lure results. The injection moulds cavities should be coated with our luresol lube to aid de-moulding before injecting the floating soft plastic.
                Please checkout our lure-solutions YouTube tutorial video for hints and tips