About Lure-Solutions Luresol Soft Plastics


Luresol U.V. is a unique ultraviolet (light reflecting) soft liquid plastic used in the making of custom home made DIY U.V. lures ...whether you are sea or freshwater angling.

Luresol U.V. liquid soft plastic has added UV technology incorporated in the formula keeping you one step ahead... this will give you a huge advantage whether you are a competitive angler or angling for pleasure.

Fish have a much wider colour spectrum than humans, fish have the ability to see UV rays in dark waters as the colour spectrum fades, the UV rays are reflected by the Luresol UV soft lure and can be detected by the predatory instinct of the fish.

Making your own soft plastic fishing lures not only gives you the ability to create your own personalized lures but its also very easy and cost effective.

Luresol soft plastics are available in the following grades:

UV Soft Luresol (with incorporated UV)
UV Medium Luresol (with incorporated UV)
UV Firm Luresol (with incorporated UV)
Standard Soft Luresol (without incorporated UV)
Standard Medium Luresol (without incorporated UV)
Standard Firm Luresol (without incorporated UV)



Luresol is a white milky liquid which will take 2 - 3 minutes to melt in microwave (depending on the quantity you are melting)

When melting the Lursol you should stir at regular intervals.

During the heating process the Luresol will change to a transparent clear syrup consistency, at this stage you can now stir in Lure-solutions Glitters & Colour Pigments and return to microwave for 10 - 20 seconds (if needed)

Now simply pour in to your mould.

After pouring leave to set for 5 - 10 minutes until fully cured.

Note - Luresol has been trial & tested using a 900w microwave at 70% - 100% power.


Always wear suitable PPE - Goggles, Heat Resitant Gloves, Mask.

Always use Luresol in a well ventilated area.

We recommend you use a designated microwave when using Luresol